HQ SACT Officers' Mess Committee

Regular (Voting) Members

 Mess President  COL Francesco Pacillo (ITA)  Appointment
 Vice-President  Mr. Wayne Buck (CAN)
 Treasurer  Mr. Bruce Hutchinson (GBR)  Appointment
 Secretary  LCDR Ben Moran (GBR)  Appointment
 Membership Coordinator Mr. Giovanni Giudice (ITA) Appointment
 Quartermaster  LTC Jonathan Clow (CAN)   Appointment
 Entertainments Coordinator
 Mrs. Emma Hart (GBR)  Appointment
 FLOG-O and Bar Manager   LTC Romano Dell'Aere (ITA)  Appointment
 Charity Coordinator  Mr. Dan Berry (USA)  Appointment
 Red Barn Representative  Mr. Tony Solomon (GBR)


Ex-officio (Non-voting) Members

 Legal Advisor  Mr. Monte DeBoer (USA)  Appointment
 Financial Advisor                Mr. Sean King (GBR)       Appointment
 Associates Member    Mr. Daniel St-Cyr (CAN)  



Terms of Reference


The President of the Mess Committee shall:

  • Preside over the Mess Committee and their meetings for a one-year term;
  • Possess the pay grade of OF-5 or A-4 level NATO International Civilian;
  • Oversee the operation of all Mess functions via the Mess Committee;
  • Advise the COS on Mess matters and provide him/her with advice and recommendations to ensure the Mess best meets the social and administrative needs of its membership;
  • Conduct a handover with the Vice President prior to his/her posting as Mess President;
  • Issue appointment letters to Mess Committee members not appointed by the HQ SACT COS and ensure appointees adhere to the terms of reference for their appointed position as detailed in this annex;
  • Call meetings of the Mess Committee as the schedule permits, at least ten (10) times each year;
  • Hold at least one Annual General Meeting of the Mess membership;
  • Supervise the review and updating of the bylaws at least once during term;
  • Cast the deciding vote in situations when there is equality among votes;
  • Establish sub-committees to address special issues as necessary;
  • Clear Mess Committee meeting reports with the Honorary Mess President.

The Vice-President of the Mess Committee shall:

  • Serve as the Vice President as a pre-condition for appointment as the Mess President;
  • Take action as acting Mess President when the President is absent from the HQ or unable to complete his/her term of office;
  • Coordinate with the Mess President to ensure meetings are held in accordance with the Mess Bylaws;
  • Chair regular Mess Committee meetings;
  • Coordinate the Annual General Meeting in accordance with the Mess Bylaws;
  • Ensure the standards of conduct and dress are regularly advertised to the Mess membership;
  • Annually inspect the property and spaces of the Mess, and make recommendations for long-range improvements or repairs to the Mess Committee;
  • In cooperation with the Mess Lounge Manager, develop and enforce procedures to account for and safeguard all Mess stocks to include alcoholic beverages;
  • Monitor observation of the Mess dress code and advise Mess members or guests on the matter when necessary.

The Treasurer shall:

  • Maintain understanding of the accounts and records, and prepare and present the Mess’financial statements at Committee meetings for review;
  • Be accountable for the receipt, safekeeping and disbursement of all Mess funds;
  • Interpret financial statements and advise the Mess President and Mess Committee on the financial condition of the Mess;
  • Work closely with the Mess Bookkeeper in the maintenance of financial records related to the Mess;
  • Sign all checks for the Mess;
  • In cooperation with the Mess Lounge Manager, conclude contracts with sponsors of all events;
  • Maintain a double entry system of bookkeeping in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and procedures;
  • Maintain a General Journal;
  • Maintain such subsidiary journals and ledgers as are required to maintain an accounting system in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and practices;
  • Maintain property cards on all controllable property (as defined in the NATO Financial Regulations and the ACT Financial Manual);
  • Maintain an effective system of checks and controls over the cash, equipment, and stock supplies of each activity of the Mess in order to prevent losses and to render practicable the assignment of personal responsibility should losses occur;
  • Maintain a system of checks and controls over the inventory to determine the cost of items used and whether the facility is operating at a profit or loss;
  • Prepare a monthly financial statement for presentation to the Mess Committee consisting of a balance and income sheet, showing profit and loss for each of the Accounting Cost Centers;
  • Provide on-going financial advice and recommendations to the Mess President and Mess Committee concerning the status of Mess operation and its ability to support the overall Mess Committee’s financial plan for entertainment, refurbishment, or other significant expenditures. This will most likely require close liaison with the Chairman of the Audit and Inventory Board.

The Mess Committee Secretary shall:

  • Produce and publish the minutes of the Mess Committee meetings within 10 working days following each meeting;
  • Maintain files and records of all correspondence, both incoming and outgoing, which relate to the Mess Committee, as directed by the Mess President;
  • Maintain copies of the meeting minutes as cleared by the Honorary Mess President with signature/initials;
  • Arrange location for Committee meetings;
  • Chair regular Committee meetings in the absence of the Vice-President.

The Membership Coordinator shall:

  • Supervise the Mess Membership procedures and records ensuring that only authorized personnel are allowed to join the Mess, coordinating questionable cases with the HQ SACT Personnel Office and/or Legal Advisor;
  • Provide recommendations regarding changes to, and for the interpretation of, regulations relating to Membership;
  • Provide a report on membership figures at meetings of the Mess Committee and Annual General Meetings;
  • Monitor changing trends in Membership;
  • Ensure the maintenance of current Membership lists;
  • Coordinate with the Treasurer to provide monthly lists of delinquent accounts for the Mess President and Mess Committee;
  • Address requests to join and leave the Mess, or change Membership status.

The Quartermaster shall:

  • Ensure an inventory of any Mess relics, trophies, plaques, or other items with historical significance to the Mess is maintained and updated on an annual basis;
  • Provide recommendations for addition and/or improvement of the Mess Lounge and its decorum;
  • In cooperation with the Mess Lounge Manager, coordinate placement of items with historical significance to the Mess in the Mess Lounge;
  • Be the custodian of all records and property of the Mess, and be responsible for their safekeeping, preservation and accessibility for inspection. Removal of controllable property from the Mess Lounge is forbidden without the written approval of the Mess President.

The Entertainments Coordinator shall:

  • In cooperation with the Mess Committee and in consultation with the Mess membership, develop an annual schedule of Mess events and provide a cost estimate for each event. Estimates for costs should include initial recommendations for Mess subsidies, if any;
  • Maintain awareness of preparations and planning for upcoming events, and present updates to the Mess Committee for review and approval;
  • Ensure approved plans are executed as expected;
  • Coordinate with the Mess Treasurer and Lounge Manager on all Mess-sponsored events to ensure that required support is available from appropriate sources, costs are covered and that sign-up sheets are posted as required;
  • Provide timely notification to Mess membership of any planned Mess events.

FLOG Officer (FLOG-O) and Bar Manager shall:

  • Coordinate FLOGs (Friday Lunchtime Officer Gatherings) and Super FLOGs throughout the year in collaboration with the Mess Committee, and in accordance with the Mess Bylaws as outlined in paragraph 6.d.(7);
  • Publish information concerning FLOG costs (e.g. food and beverage costs, raffle prize costs, etc.) at the first Mess Committee meeting after each FLOG, and as required by the Mess President and Mess membership.

The Charity Coordinator shall:

  • Coordinate Mess member requests from the Mess Charity Fund;
  • Present monetary requests from the Mess Charity Fund to the Mess Committee for review and approval;
  • Assist sponsors making requests from the Mess Charity Fund, as per paragraph 7 of the Mess Bylaws in presenting their requests to the Mess Committee as necessary;
  • Coordinate with the Treasurer in the custody and accounting of the Charity Fund account. Be prepared to report the state of the Charity Fund during Mess Committee meetings in place of the Treasurer;
  • Maintain a report of records for all charitable donations and charitable activities conducted by the Mess, and provide a report of this activity at each Mess Committee Meeting.

The Red Barn Representative shall:

  • Foster efficient and amicable working relationships between the Mess Committee, Mess membership, and the Red Barn;
  • Report to the Mess Committee and keep the Mess President advised of Red Barn matters;
  • As necessary, scrutinize the selection of stock, maintenance of inventory, pricing, sales, and operations in an advisory capacity;
  • Exercise control over the statement of profits made by the Red Barn operator to ensure that the contractual profit share paid to the Officers’ Mess is correct;
  • Maintain a copy of HQ SACT DIR 15-3 (series), Policies For Sale of Tax-Free Items at HQ SACT Duty-Free Facility, and serve as the primary advisor to the Mess Committee in all matters pertaining to this document;
  • Act as the Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative (COTR) to ensure compliance to the existing contract between HQ SACT and the Red Barn for its management and day-to-day operations. The COTR will report to the Contracting Officer and the Mess Committee on Red Barn operations;
  • Serve as the initial Point of Contact on any complaints or recommendations pertaining to the Red Barn from Mess members;
  • This is not a supervisory position, rather an advisory one.

The Mess Manager’s primary duties lie with HQ SACT. In relation to the HQ SACT Officers’ Mess, the Mess Manager shall:

  • Provide advice to the Mess President and the Mess Committee on all matters related to the HQ SACT dining services and dining area which may affect the Mess;
  • Serve as the Mess Committee’s main point of contact in matters pertaining to the HQ SACT dining services and dining area.

Appointed by the HQ SACT COS and provided by the HQ SACT Legal Branch, the Legal Advisor to the Mess Committee shall:

  • Conduct duties as the HQ SACT Officers’ Staff Mess in accordance with your appointment letter and the Mess Bylaws;
  • Provide legal advice to the Mess President and Mess Committee on all legal matters affecting the Mess, particularly in relation to employee regulations, potential adverse personnel actions, and contracting issues;
  • Maintain responsibility for all matters concerning U.S. Customs;
  • Assist the Mess Committee in the annual review of the Mess Bylaws;
  • In carrying out these duties, maintain close relationships with the Mess President, Treasurer, and Red Barn Liaison.

In support of the ACT Financial Controller’s responsibility to provide financial oversight on all Mess activities as required in NFRs Articles XVIII and XXII, the Financial Advisor to the Mess Committee, appointed by the HQ SACT COS, shall:

  • Establish detailed rules and procedures to ensure effective financial administration and to limit, where possible, any risks to non-appropriated or NATO funds;
  • Provide financial advice to the Mess President and Mess Committee on all financial matters that may affect the Mess;
  • Ensure all accounts and activities are audited and / or reviewed on a regular basis and are controlled by periodic inspection;
  • Provide an annual financial report on non-appropriated (MWA) funds to the NATO Budget Committee.

The WebMaster shall:

  • Maintain the Officer’s Mess Web pages ensuring that the information is kept up to date.
  • Obtain updated documents (such as minutes of meetings, bylaws, red barn prices, etc.) from other mess committee members and place them on the website.


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