Headquarters Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT) Officers' Mess

The Headquarters Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT) Officers' Mess is an officers' mess that provides a facility in which mess members can relax and enjoy the company of their fellows in pleasant and informal surroundings.


The Officers’ Mess was established for use by the NATO military officers and civilians assigned to HQ SACT. Such personnel will hold Regular membership in the Officers’ Mess.  Dependents may also use the Officers’ Mess. Other membership categories, with limited privileges, are available on application or as determined by the Mess Committee.

The Officers’ Mess is an official HQ SACT Staff organization established under authority granted by the North Atlantic Council as a non-appropriated fund activity. Within the HQ SACT Staff organization, the Mess falls under the supervisory authority of the HQ SACT Chief of Staff (COS). Approval of the Mess Bylaws constitutes the charter under which the Mess will operate. The Mess President and Mess Committee have authority and responsibility for non-appropriated funds accrued by the Mess.

The Events of the HQ SACT Officers' Mess and the use of the Mess Lounge are meant for the pleasure of mess members and their guests only. Persons who are eligible to be mess members but choose not to be members, are not allowed to use the lounge or be guests.

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For information about membership levels, fees and applications, go to the Membership page.

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For background information, help on membership issues, and miscellaneous articles of general interest (including Red Barn discount information), go to the Mess Blog.

Upcoming events

12 April 2019 11:30 • HQ SACT Officers' Lounge
24 May 2019 11:30 • HQ SACT Officers' Lounge
14 June 2019 11:30 • HQ SACT Officers' Lounge

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