HQ SACT Officers' Mess Bylaws 


1.         Relation to HQ SACT.  The HQ SACT Officers’ Mess is an official activity of HQ SACT, an International Military HQ, and is imbued with the same privileges, immunities, and responsibilities as the HQ under NATO regulations, United States law, and applicable international treaties and agreements.  The guidance and advice of the Office of Legal Affairs shall be obtained on all matters of legal import.

2.         Legal Counsel.

Legal Advisor to the Mess Committee.  The ACT Legal Advisor provides advice to the Mess.  As Legal Advisor to the Mess Committee they will be consulted and shall give advice on all matters affecting the legal responsibilities of the Mess. In particular, reviewing of the Mess Bylaws, employee regulations, adverse personnel actions, United States Customs issues, and contracting actions.  Detailed Terms of Reference can be found in Annex A.

3.         Financial Oversight.

Financial Advisor to the Mess Committee.  The ACT Financial Controller is the Financial Advisor for the Mess. As required in the NATO Financial Regulations (NFR), Financial Rules and Procedures (FRP) XVIII.a and FRP XXII.1, the Financial Controller, via the Financial Advisor to the Mess Committee, will be consulted and give advice on all matters affecting the financial responsibilities of the Mess. The Financial Controller has a responsibility to make an annual report to the NATO Budget Committee on the operation of all non-appropriated activities within the Command.  Detailed Terms of Reference can be found at Annex A.



4.         Type and Eligibility Criteria.

a.         Regular Membership. Regular membership shall be for a period of at least six months and is restricted to:

(1)       Military Officers.  All NATO and PfP military officers assigned to or dual-hatted on the Peacetime Establishment at HQ SACT or formally associated with HQ SACT (e.g. military missions, PfP Staff Elements, Contact Teams, Centres of Excellence). This includes NLRs, PLNRs and members of their offices.

(2)       NIC Personnel.  NATO International Civilian (NIC) personnel of NATO ‘A’, ‘B’, or ‘L’ grades, from NATO nations other than the USA, assigned on the Peacetime Establishment at HQ SACT or formally associated with HQ SACT.  NIC personnel have the choice of either joining the HQ SACT Officers’ Mess as Regular Members or being considered for Enlisted Member status.

b.         US Civilian Membership.  Regular US Civilian Membership is available to US civilian personnel of NATO ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘L’ grades, assigned or dual-hatted on the Peacetime Establishment at HQ SACT or one of the NATO commands in the Norfolk area, or formally associated with HQ SACT (e.g. Military Mission).  Regular US Civilian Members have identical Mess privileges to other Regular Members except for duty/tax-free eligibility. Contractors refer to terms of Associate Membership.

c.         Honorary Membership.  An Honorary Membership can be awarded to those Members who have made particular and outstanding contributions to the Mess.  Award of Honorary Membership requires the unanimous endorsement of the Mess Committee and approval by the Honorary Mess President.  Normally, the Mess President will be awarded this membership upon departure from the Command.  Recipients will pay no contribution or administrative fees. They have similar privileges to regular US Civilian Members.

d.         Associate Membership.  Associate Membership can be granted secretarially by the Mess President or designated Mess Committee representative, after submission of an application to the Mess Committee for consideration.  With fluctuating Regular Mess membership, a ceiling on the number of Associate members may be imposed by the Mess Committee to ensure proper representation of Regular membership in the HQ SACT Officers’ Mess.  Associate members have similar privileges to regular US Civilian members. Associate Membership can be offered to:

(1)       Military Personnel.  Military personnel of officer status serving in military organizations in the Hampton Roads area.

(2)       Civilian Personnel.  Civilian personnel of officer status serving in military organizations in the Hampton Roads area, including HQ SACT contractors.  Justification for civilian personnel must include a letter from the employing officer (usually a branch head), which clearly states that the applicant has officer status.

(3)       Dignitaries and Friends.  Local dignitaries who provide assistance to HQ SACT and its forces, as well as friends of the mess, not eligible for other memberships.

e.         Enlisted Status.  Enlisted status is limited to Red Barn duty/tax-free privileges.  Enlisted status is available to enlisted personnel assigned to or associated with the Peacetime Establishment at HQ SACT.  Also, NATO International Civilians (NIC), not interested in joining the HQ SACT Officers’ Mess, may apply for Enlisted status to receive Red Barn privileges.

5.         Privileges.

a.         Voting Rights.  Voting rights during General Meetings and Extraordinary Meetings are a privilege restricted to: Regular, US Civilian and Honorary members.

b.         Mess Activities.  Attendance of Mess-sponsored events (at the special rates advertised for each event) and making use of the Mess Lounge are a privilege restricted to: Regular, US Civilian, Honorary and Associate members.

c.         Duty and Tax-free.  Duty and tax-free privileges are restricted to Regular members and Enlisted status. This privilege is described in paragraph 25.

6.         Suspension/Restriction/Termination.

a.         Suspension.  Suspension of a membership is an administrative action to accommodate special situations for individual members so that they may retain their membership, but are not required to pay fees or dues – for instance when a Member deploys in support of a NATO operation or mission.  Suspensions are approved by the Mess President or the Vice-President in the absence of the Mess President.

b.         Restriction.  Mess members may have their memberships restricted, to include possible loss of some privileges, due to misconduct in the Mess Lounge or Red Barn, failure to pay Mess subscription fees within 30 days of the due date, abuse of duty/tax-free purchase privileges, reserving the Mess Lounge for hosting by non-Mess members, knowingly bringing non-members eligible for Mess membership into the Mess Lounge, providing false information on the membership application or failing to change the membership category after a change in the member’s administrative situation.  Restrictions of memberships are approved by the Mess President or the Vice President in the absence of the Mess President.

c.         Termination.  Termination of a membership and all associated privileges may be carried out at an individual’s request for their own membership, or may be imposed at the approval of the Mess Committee, such as in the event of misconduct.

7.         Fees.

a.         Membership Fees.  All Mess members are charged a quarterly membership fee of an amount recommend by the Mess Committee and approved by the COS.  The fee is used to offset the costs of operating the Mess, replacement of property, and to provide services and facilities commensurate to those found in other officers’ messes.

b.         Red Barn Accounting Fee.  All mess members and Enlisted status holders are charged a quarterly accounting fee to cover the expenses for the accounting of Red Barn finances.

8.         Accounts.

a.         Payment.  Members are notified of invoices via electronic mail: membership and accounting fees will be invoiced on a quarterly basis, and other expenses (such as event registrations) will be invoiced at a suitable time.  Members are to pay their bill as soon as possible, and for quarterly fees no later than 30 days into the quarter of the incurred charges.  Members are responsible for notifying the Membership Coordinator of current billing addresses and any requests for suspensions.  A service charge for returned checks will apply.

b.         Delinquency.  Members not paying their balance in full may be considered to be in a delinquent status and may be subject to a delinquency fee.  The Mess Committee Membership Coordinator will review delinquent status and provide the Mess President a list of delinquent members each month.  Reminder notices will be sent to members.  Upon persistent delinquency or non-payment, the Mess Committee may elect to restrict or terminate membership.

c.         Restriction.   Restriction of membership will be conveyed to the member by electronic mail.  Persistent delinquency after notification and for a period longer than 90 days will be conveyed to the member by signed letter from the Mess President with a copy forwarded to the COS and the appropriate Senior National Officer or National Liaison Representative.

d.         Termination.  Restriction or termination of membership will be conveyed to the member by signed letter from the Mess President with a copy forwarded to the COS and the appropriate Senior National Officer or National Liaison Representative.

e.         Change in Personal Contact Information.  Members are responsible for keeping the Membership Coordinator informed of their contact information, including requests for suspension of individual membership accounts.

f.          Account Closure.  Members must close and pay their accounts in full before departing the Headquarters, or terminating Mess membership at own request.  Members who leave the HQ without settling their Mess bills will have letters of recovery sent, in the first instance to their NLRs and, if necessary, to their national MODs.



9.         Standards of Conduct.  Practices of good military order and discipline are to be observed with respect to the use of the Mess Lounge and the conduct of its members.  Mess Committee members as well as the senior member present are responsible for ensuring specific service regulations are adhered to in the Mess Lounge and at Mess-sponsored events.

10.       Dress Standards.

a.         Military Dress.  The uniform of the day or parent command authorized working uniform shall be worn in the Mess, unless the Mess President dictates otherwise.

b.         Male Civilian Dress.  Civilian dress standards mirror military standards – a long or short-sleeved collared shirt and slacks/long trousers.  Jackets, sweaters and ties are optional.

c.         Female Civilian Dress.  The female civilian dress standard is the equivalent to the male standard.   

d.         Events.  Dress for events is prescribed by the event sponsor.

e.         Unacceptable Dress.  Dress should be within the bounds of good taste and inoffensive to others.  Items such as t-shirts, cut-off clothing and apparel intended for athletic activities are not acceptable forms of dress.  Dress regulations are promulgated inside the Mess Lounge and members are requested to ensure their guests comply with the dress code.  Members of the Mess Committee may invite inappropriately dressed members or visitors to leave the Mess Lounge.

11.       Misconduct.  Examples of inappropriate conduct in the Mess Lounge or at Mess-sponsored events include, but are not limited to:

a.         Excessive use of profane language.

b.         Wearing of inappropriate attire.

c.         Repeated attempts to bring non-member HQ SACT personnel who are eligible for membership into the Lounge as guests.

d.         Excessive consumption of alcohol and/or drunken behaviour.

e.         Conduct unbecoming a military officer or NATO International Civilian.

12.       Guests.  Mess members of any category are fully responsible for the conduct of their guests.  Personnel assigned to HQ SACT that are eligible for membership but have chosen not to become a member of the Mess are not allowed in the Mess Lounge as guests.  Members who knowingly bring these personnel into the Mess Lounge as guests may have their memberships restricted or terminated.

13.       Removal Authority.  The Mess President or the senior member present at any time in the Mess Lounge have the authority to remove anyone from the Mess Lounge for misconduct.  Non-compliance by the individual being removed may result in restriction or termination of their membership.



14.       Mission.  The Mess Committee shall be the voice of the Mess Membership concerning the conduct and operation of the Mess.  Mess Committee members will provide advice to the Mess President on the operation of the Mess and the social requirements of the membership, exercise delegated authorities as assigned, and perform tasks as detailed by the Mess President.  Committee members shall have additional responsibilities as described below and in the Terms of Reference at Annex A.

a.         Determine membership categories, criteria, and fees.

b.         Approve designated memberships.

c.         Approve funding expenditures.

d.         Conduct annual review and update of the Mess Bylaws.

15.       Honorary President.  The HQ SACT Chief of Staff (COS) is the Honorary President of the Mess and has overall responsibility for the conduct of Mess business.  Day-to-day Mess operations are, however, delegated to the Mess President.

16.       Regular Members.  The Mess Committee will consist of ten (10) regular members, including the Mess President.  Regular members will ordinarily serve for one or two years.  Regular Mess Committee members have voting privileges.  The Mess Committee may decide to add additional members to the Committee as necessary.  Regular members of the Mess Committee are:

a.            Mess President.

b.         Vice President.

c.         Treasurer.

d.         Secretary.

e.         Membership Coordinator.

f.          Quartermaster.

g.         Entertainments Coordinator.

h.         FLOG-O and Bar Manager (Friday Lunchtime Officer Gathering Officer).

i.              Charity Coordinator.

j.          Red Barn Representative.

17.       Ex-officio (Non-voting) Members.  There are 2 ex-officio members:  The HQ SACT Legal Advisor to the Mess Committee and the Financial Advisor to the Mess Committee.  Terms of Reference that define their responsibilities and authorities as related to the HQ SACT Officers’ Mess are contained in Annex A.

18.       Nomination, Appointment and Election.  The Mess President, Vice President, Treasurer, Legal Advisor to the Mess Committee and Financial Advisor to the Mess Committee will be appointed by the HQ SACT COS.  Mess Committee nominations may be made by any Regular member. 

19.       Appointment Letters.  Appointment letters for the Mess President, Vice President, Treasurer and ex-officio members will be issued by the HQ SACT COS. The Mess President will issue appointment letters to the other Mess Committee members.  These will be reviewed and re-issued on an annual basis.

20.       Meetings.

a.            Regular Meetings.

(1)       Timing and Purpose.  Regular meetings of the Mess Committee will be called by the Mess President on a regular basis, aiming for 10 meetings a year.  The Mess Committee will consider recommendations from the Mess membership throughout the year.

(2)       Quorum.  The Mess Committee will have a quorum when four (4) regular members are present.  Decisions with legal or financial implications on the future affairs of the Mess will be referred to the Legal Advisor of the Mess Committee and/or Financial Advisor to the Mess Committee as appropriate.

(3)       Decisions / Voting.  All decisions will be based on a simple majority vote.  When there is an equality of votes, the Mess President will cast the deciding vote.

(4)       Agenda.  For the sake of keeping relevant records, meeting agendas will include, but are not limited to: Opening and comments by the Mess President, Statement of having or not having a quorum, Treasurer’s report, Membership report, Charity report, Events report, other business, Mess President’s final remarks and closing.

(5)       Minutes / Report.  Meeting reports will be prepared by the Secretary with notes taken during meetings and input from Committee Members present at each meeting.  Reports will be submitted to the Mess President within 10 days of completion of each meeting.  The Mess President will clear approved reports after the Honorary Mess President’s review and acknowledgement.  Copies of cleared reports will be posted in the Mess Lounge by the Secretary and loaded to the Mess Website by the Membership Coordinator.  Originals will be retained in the Mess Committee files and maintained by the Secretary for three years.

b.         Annual General Meeting (AGM).

(1)       Timing and Purpose.  AGMs will be held once each year.  The purpose of the AGM is to serve as a communication and feedback forum for the general Mess membership – attendance by all Mess members is encouraged.  

(2)       Agenda.  The agenda for the AGM will be posted in the Mess Lounge at least 10 days before the AGM.  AGM agendas will include, but are not limited to: Opening and comments by the Mess President, introduction of Mess Committee members, Treasurer’s report, Membership report, Charity report, Quartermaster’s report, Events report, additional reports, open forum, Mess President’s final remarks and closing.

(3)       Minutes / Report.  The report for the AGM will be prepared and maintained similarly to regular meeting reports within 14 days of completion of the AGM.

c.         Extraordinary Meeting.  Extraordinary meetings may be convened by the Mess Committee or at the request of at least 20% of the Regular Mess Membership.


21.       Complaints.  Complaints pertaining to any aspect of the Mess may be made either directly to any member of the Mess Committee or left in any complaint/recommendation boxes that may be available in the Mess Lounge.


22.       Mess Committee-Sponsored Events.  The Mess Committee may decide to sponsor and organize events or activities, through the Entertainments Representative, that may or may not be subsidized with Mess funds.  The Mess Committee will approve the level of subsidy.  Events sponsored by the Mess Committee hold scheduling precedence over individual member events.  Examples include, but are not limited to:

a.         Oktoberfest.

b.         Officers’ Mess Ball.

c.         International Food Night.

d.         Sponsored games of the Norfolk Admirals and Tides.

e.         Sponsored visits to Busch Gardens.

f.          Golf tournaments.

23.       Friday Lunchtime Officers’ Gathering (FLOG).  FLOGS are held normally on a Friday, between 1130 and 1330, as scheduled by the Mess Committee.  They are informal events to which Regular members may invite guests who are not eligible for Regular Mess membership.  Beer, wine, and food may be provided with a Charity Fund raffle held during the event.  The amount spent on prizes will normally not exceed $150.00 without prior approval by the Mess President, $300.00 for Super FLOGs.  Prizes for the raffle may be donated by private sponsorship or purchased by the Mess.

24.       Relationship with other HQ SACT Internal Bodies.  In order to ensure that the Mess acts in the best interests of the Mess members, the Mess Committee may, from time to time, team with another group within HQ SACT such as the ISRM or the MRC.  Any teaming with other groups will be certain to operate under the following principles:

a.         That the Mess Committee is acting in the best interests of the Mess members.

b.         That at no time will Mess contributions to such an event exceed an amount proportional to a Mess members’ participation in the event.

c.         That the Mess Committee will be represented during event planning to protect the interests of Mess members.


25.       HQ SACT Directive 15-3 (series).  HQ SACT Directive Number 15-3 (series) - “Policies for Sale of Tax-Free Items at the HQ SACT Duty-Free Facility”- contains entitlement rules and other regulations for the purchase of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes.  

26.       Red Barn.

a.         Relationship to HQ SACT Officers’ Mess.  The HQ SACT Officers’ Mess has been appointed by the HQ SACT COS as the HQ SACT authority for Red Barn operations.  The Mess Committee will exercise control over the statement of profits made by the Red Barn operator to ensure that the contractual profit share, paid to the Officers’ Staff Mess, is correct.  The Committee will act as intermediary for any complaints the Mess Members might have on the Red Barn operation or its stocked items.  The rules governing Red Barn eligibility will be promulgated by the HQ SACT COS, and published as an ACT Directive.

b.         Red Barn Liaison.  The Mess Committee will contain a member as the Red Barn Representative whose main role is to foster an efficient and amicable working relationship among the Mess Committee, Mess membership, and the Red Barn operator and staff.  The Red Barn Representative is also the Mess membership’s first recourse in dealing with recommendations or complaints about the Red Barn or its staff.  Terms of Reference are included in Annex A.

c.         Management.

(1)       Daily Operations.  Day-to-day management and operation of the Red Barn will be conducted in accordance with the contract signed between the Red Barn Operator and HQ SACT.

(2)       Employee Hiring, Training, and Management.  The Red Barn operator will hire, train and manage the necessary staff to support HQ SACT tax-free and tax-paid requirements and privileges.  The Red Barn operator will designate their own point of contact for Red Barn operational issues.

(3)       Sales.  The Red Barn operator, their employees and agents shall never sell duty/tax-free products to anyone who does not possess valid and appropriate proof of entitlement status, as stipulated by the Officers’ Mess, enabling them to use the Red Barn.

(4)       Purchasing Limits / Restrictions.  Rules governing the purchase of duty/tax-free merchandise are contained HQ SACT Directive 15-3.

(5)       Collection of Rent and Annual Profit.  The current contract with the Red Barn provides for the payment of a monthly rent and an annual payment based upon a percentage of gross annual sales.  The arrangements to be followed for the payment of the rent and the annual percentage of the sales are contained in the Red Barn contract agreement.  All Red Barn Financial activities are subject to inspection by the ACT Financial Controller and Command Auditor.



27.       Physical Composition and Hours.

a.         Area.  The HQ SACT Officers’ Mess Lounge is located in the southwest corner of the HQ SACT building on the first floor, near the Red Barn.  Access is shared with the HQ SACT International Senior Rates’ Mess (ISRM) through a common entryway on the west side of the building.  The common entryway contains a door for each of the Mess Lounge and the ISRM space.

b.         Hours.  The Mess Lounge is available for the exclusive use of Mess members at all times while the HQ SACT building is open.

28.       Mess Property.  The Quartermaster will survey non-consumable Mess property in accordance with NATO regulations and HQ SACT procedures. Survey records of any property, with the property card attached, will be maintained for a minimum of three (3) years. The Quartermaster shall maintain an inventory of all durable goods purchased with Mess funds and apply an adequate depreciation.  All losses or write-offs must be referred to the ACT Financial Controller for review and approval.

29.       Insurance.  The Mess will carry appropriate insurance on Mess funds and the property purchased with Mess funds in accordance with sound business practice.  The ISRM is financially responsible for their activity and any related insurance costs.  No insurance is required for the infrastructure of the Mess.

30.       Smoking Policy.  Smoking is not allowed in the HQ SACT building.

31.       Animals.

a.         Pets.  Pets of all kinds are strictly prohibited in the Mess Lounge.

b.         Handicap Aid and Work Animals.  Animals serving in an aid capacity to handicapped personnel or in a working role – such as police drug dogs – will be allowed in the Mess Lounge as necessary with the prior notification of the Mess President or Vice President.

32.       Events.  With approval of the Mess President (or any voting Mess Committee Member in the absence of the President), Mess members may sponsor events in the Mess Lounge.  Events may be scheduled during normal HQ SACT working hours as well as after normal working hours.  Non-members who are eligible for Mess membership may not be invited to events held in the Mess Lounge. Examples of events include, but are not limited to hails and farewells; retirements, commissioning, promotion ceremonies; military service branch birthday celebrations.

33.       Sponsor’s Responsibilities.  Sponsors will submit requests though the appropriate channels (Outlook Calendar). Sponsors must be present at the event and will be responsible for their guest’s behaviour.  Alcoholic beverages may be provided.  Should the sponsor wish their event to be closed to the Mess membership, permission is to be sought from the Mess President or Vice President and the Sponsor is to ensure that this is well publicised to the membership in advance of the event. 

34.       Charges.  Any costs associated with an event must be covered by the event sponsor. In case of cancellation, charges will apply for unrecoverable costs for items or services ordered. Paid for items will become the property of the sponsor.


35.       Overview.  The Mess supports local and non-local charities through the donation of funds received from various Mess activities.

36.       Fund Raising Sources:

a.         Voluntary Contributions.  On joining the Mess, members are invited to make a voluntary contribution of $3.00 per quarter to the Charity Fund via their Mess account.

b.         FLOG Raffles.  All proceeds from the FLOG raffles are contributed to the Charity Fund.

c.         Miscellaneous Events.  Miscellaneous events may be organized at the discretion of the Mess Committee.

37.       Accounting.  The HQ SACT Officers’ Mess will maintain a separate fund for donations to charitable organizations.  The Treasurer is responsible for the custody and accounting of the Charity Fund account, and will establish separate accounting data for that purpose.  The Treasurer will report the state of the Charity Fund to the Mess Committee in conjunction with the normal monthly statement of Mess accounts.

38.       Donation Requests.  Requests by Mess members for donations from the Mess Charity Fund should be submitted to the Charity Coordinator.  Requests will be considered by the Mess Committee for charities that support the local needy and underprivileged, give specific benefit to staff members or are in response to an international or national cause.  Payment will usually be made only to charities registered for tax-exemption, which the sponsor is required to provide proof of at the time of request.  The Mess Committee will normally consider granting requests up to a maximum of $250.00 but, in exceptional circumstances and for particularly deserving causes, it will consider requests for larger sums on a case-by-case basis.

39.       Donation Approval.  The sponsor, with assistance from the Charity Coordinator, will introduce the request at a Mess Committee meeting.  The request shall contain the name of the charity, the amount requested, evidence of tax-exemption where appropriate and a brief description about the aim of the charity with details of the benefits that the requested donation would provide.  The Mess Committee will consider if the charity meets the criteria and whether to approve the donation.  In time-critical situations in which a delay would result in a worthy and qualifying cause to be missed, the Mess President can initiate ex-Committee approval up to a maximum of $250.00.  Should such an exception be applied, the Mess Committee will be asked to ratify the decision at the next Mess Committee meeting.

40.       Sympathy / Congratulatory Gifts.  The Mess Committee may decide to give sympathy or congratulatory gifts, such as flowers and cards, in situations such as deaths or births.  Such gifts will normally not exceed $75.00 and be organized by the Charity Coordinator, who is hereby allowed discretionary spending power of up to $75.   


41.       Responsibilities.  The financial administration of the HQ SACT Officers’ Mess is to be conducted in accordance with the rules defined in the ACT Financial Manual, the NATO Financial Regulations, other applicable internal directives and instructions, and any specific requirements made by the NATO Budget Committee.  The ACT Financial Controller shall ensure that detailed rules and procedures are established to ensure effective financial administration and that comprehensive accounting systems are established and maintained for all funds.

42.       Treasurer.  Appointed by the HQ SACT COS, the Mess Treasurer is responsible for oversight on all financial matters related to the administration and operation of the Mess, and will ensure compliance with responsibilities outlined in paragraph 3 of these bylaws.  Specific financial responsibilities are detailed in Annex A.

43.       Audit.  The ACT Financial Controller shall ensure that the annual Mess accounts are subject to a financial audit and certified by the HQ SACT Command Auditor.  These accounts should be certified and the audit report approved by the Financial Controller and the HQ SACT COS prior to the AGM.  In addition, the ACT Financial Controller may undertake periodic inspections either personally, or by use of internal review staff, of all Mess activities.  The COS may request the Command Auditor to undertake any ad hoc review of activities at any time.

44.       Expenditure Authorization Limits.  The following one-time expenditure limits are authorized without prior approval of the Mess Committee for items or services not previously budgeted or approved by the Mess Committee – they cannot be aggregated:

a.         Mess President - $250.00;

b.         VPMC - $100.00.


1.         Regular (Voting) Members. The Mess President, Vice President, and Treasurer will be appointed by the HQ SACT COS.  Regular members of the Mess Committee, when present, will vote in all decisions made by the Mess Committee.

a.         Mess President.  The Mess President shall:

(1)       Preside over the Mess Committee and their meetings for a one-year term.

(2)       Usually possess the rank of OF-5 or be a NATO International Civilian.

(3)       Be a member of HQ SACT and not of a mission or other NATO command.  This is to ensure that there is direct access to the Honorary PMC.

(4)       Oversee the operation of all Mess functions via the Mess Committee.

(5)       Advise the COS on Mess matters and provide COS with advice and recommendations to ensure the Mess best meets the social and administrative needs of its membership.

(6)       Conduct a handover with the Vice President prior to his/her posting as Mess President.

(7)       Issue appointment letters to Mess Committee members not appointed by the HQ SACT COS and ensure appointees adhere to the terms of reference for their appointed position as detailed in this annex.

(8)       Call meetings of the Mess Committee as the schedule permits, at least ten (10) times each year.

(9)       Hold at least one Annual General Meeting of the Mess membership per Year.

(10)     Cast the deciding vote in situations when there is equality among votes.

(11)     Establish sub-committees to address special issues as necessary;

(12)     Clear Mess Committee meeting reports with the Honorary Mess President.

(13)     Conduct a full and comprehensive handover with his successor.

b.         Vice-President.  The Vice President shall:

(1)       Serve as the Vice President as a possible pre-condition for appointment as the Mess President.

(2)       Take action as acting Mess President when the President is absent from the HQ or unable to complete his/her term of office.

(3)       Coordinate with the Mess President to ensure meetings are held in accordance with the Mess Bylaws.

(4)       Coordinate the Annual General Meeting in accordance with the Mess Bylaws.

(5)       Ensure the standards of conduct and dress are regularly advertised to the

Mess membership.

(6)       Annually inspect the property and spaces of the Mess, and make recommendations for long-range improvements or repairs to the Mess Committee.

(7)       In cooperation with the FLOGO, develop and enforce procedures to account for and safeguard all Mess stocks to include alcoholic beverages.

(8)       Monitor observation of the Mess dress code and advise Mess members or guests on the matter when necessary.

c.         Treasurer.  The Treasurer shall:

(1)       Maintain understanding of the accounts and records, and prepare and present the Mess' financial statements at Committee meetings for review.

(2)       Be accountable for the receipt, safekeeping and disbursement of all Mess Funds.

(3)       Interpret financial statements and advise the Mess President and Mess Committee on the financial condition of the Mess.

(4)       Work closely with the Mess Bookkeeper in the maintenance of financial records related to the Mess Bar.

(5)       Sign all checks for the Mess (as available).

(6)       In cooperation with the Mess Lounge Manager, conclude contracts with sponsors of all events.

(7)       Maintain a double entry system of bookkeeping in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and procedures.

(8)       Maintain a General Journal.

(9)       Maintain such subsidiary journals and ledgers as are required to maintain an accounting system in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and practices.

(10)     Maintain property cards on all controllable property (as defined in the NATO Financial Regulations and the ACT Financial Manual).

(11)     Maintain an effective system of checks and controls over the cash, equipment, and stock supplies of each activity of the Mess in order to prevent losses and to render practicable the assignment of personal responsibility should losses occur.

(12)     Maintain a system of checks and controls over the inventory to determine the cost of items used and whether the facility is operating at a profit or loss.

(13)     Prepare a monthly financial statement for presentation to the Mess Committee consisting of a balance and income sheet, showing profit and loss for each of the Accounting Cost Centers.

(14)     Provide on-going financial advice and recommendations to the Mess

President and Mess Committee concerning the status of Mess operation and its ability to support the overall Mess Committee's financial plan for entertainment, refurbishment, or other significant expenditures. This will most likely require close liaison with the Chairman of the Audit and Inventory Board.

(15)     Ensure that the on-line use of bills and payments is correct.

d.         Secretary.  The Mess Committee Secretary shall:

(1)       Produce and publish the minutes of the Mess Committee meetings within 10 working days following each meeting.

(2)       Maintain files and records of all correspondence, both incoming and outgoing, which relate to the Mess Committee, as directed by the Mess President.

(3)       Maintain copies of the meeting minutes as cleared by the Honorary Mess President with signature/initials.

(4)       Arrange location for Committee meetings.

(5)       Chair regular Committee meetings in the absence of the Vice-President.

e.         Membership Coordinator.  The Membership Coordinator shall:

(1)       Supervise the Mess Membership procedures and records ensuring that only authorized personnel are allowed to join the Mess, coordinating questionable cases with the HQ SACT Personnel Office and/or Legal Advisor.

(2)       Provide recommendations regarding changes to, and for the interpretation of, regulations relating to Membership.

(3)       Provide a report on membership figures at meetings of the Mess Committee and Annual General Meetings.

(4)       Be the first point of contact for issues regarding the online membership Software.

(5)       Monitor changing trends in Membership.

(6)       Ensure the maintenance of current Membership lists (electronic or otherwise).

(7)       Coordinate with the Treasurer to provide monthly lists of delinquent accounts for the Mess President and Mess Committee.

(8)       Address requests to join and leave the Mess, or change Membership Status.

f.          Quartermaster. The Quartermaster shall:

(1)       Ensure an inventory of any Mess relics, trophies, plaques, or other items with historical significance to the Mess is maintained and updated on an annual basis.

(2)       Provide recommendations for addition and/or improvement of the Mess Lounge and its decorum.

(3)       In cooperation with the FLOGO, coordinate placement of items with historical significance to the Mess in the Mess Lounge.

(4)       Be the custodian of all records and property of the Mess, and be responsible for their safekeeping, preservation and accessibility for inspection.  Removal of controllable property from the Mess Lounge is forbidden without the written approval of the Mess President.

g.         Entertainment Coordinator.  The Entertainment Coordinator shall:

(1)       In cooperation with the Mess Committee and in consultation with the

Mess membership, develop an annual schedule of Mess events and provide a cost estimate for each event. Estimates for costs should include initial recommendations for Mess subsidies, if any.

(2)       Maintain awareness of preparations and planning for upcoming events, and present updates to the Mess Committee for review and approval.

(3)       Ensure approved plans are executed as expected.

(4)       Coordinate with the Mess Treasurer and FLOGO on all Mess-sponsored events to ensure that required support is available from appropriate sources, costs are covered and that sign-up sheets are posted as required.

(5)       Provide timely notification to Mess membership of any planned Mess events.

h.         FLOG Officer (FLOGO).  The FLOGO shall:

(1)       Coordinate FLOGs (Friday Lunchtime Officer Gatherings) and Super

FLOGs throughout the year in collaboration with the Mess Committee, and in accordance with the Mess Bylaws as outlined in paragraph 6.d.(7).

(2)       Publish information concerning FLOG costs (e.g. food and beverage

costs, raffle prize costs, etc.) at the first Mess Committee meeting after each

FLOG, and as required by the Mess President and Mess membership.

(3)       Act as Bar Manager ensuring overall cleanliness of the bar area is maintained and fridges are re-stocked as required.

I.          Charity Coordinator.  The Charity Coordinator shall:

(1)       Coordinate Mess member requests from the Mess Charity Fund.

(2)       Present monetary requests from the Mess Charity Fund to the Mess Committee for review and approval.

(3)       Assist sponsors making requests from the Mess Charity Fund, as per the Mess Bylaws in presenting their requests to the Mess Committee as necessary.

(4)       Coordinate with the Treasurer in the custody and accounting of the Charity Fund account.  Be prepared to report the state of the Charity Fund during Mess Committee meetings in place of the Treasurer.

(5)       Maintain a report of records for all charitable donations and charitable activities conducted by the Mess, and provide a report of this activity at each Mess Committee Meeting.

j.          Red Barn Representative.  The Red Barn Representative shall:

(1)       Foster efficient and amicable working relationships between the Mess Committee, Mess membership, and the Red Barn.

(2)       Report to the Mess Committee and keep the Mess President advised of

Red Barn matters.

(3)       As necessary, scrutinize the selection of stock, maintenance of inventory, pricing, sales, and operations in an advisory capacity.

(4)       Exercise control over the statement of profits made by the Red Barn operator to ensure that the contractual profit share paid to the Officers' Mess is correct.

(5)       Maintain a copy of HQ SACT or 15-3 (series), Policies For Sale of Tax-

Free Items at HQ SACT Duty-Free Facility, and serve as the primary advisor to the Mess Committee in all matters pertaining to this document.

(6)       Act as the Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COTR) to ensure compliance to the existing contract between HQ SACT and the Red Barn for its management and day-to-day operations. The COTR will report to the Contracting Officer and the Mess Committee on Red Barn operations.

(7)       Serve as the initial Point of Contact on any complaints or recommendations pertaining to the Red Barn from Mess members.

(8)       This is not a supervisory position, rather an advisory one.

2.         Ex-officio (Non-voting) Members.  Ex-officio members of the Mess Committee are

appointed by the HQ SACT COS and serve the Mess Committee in advisory roles.

a.         Legal Advisor to the Mess Committee.  Appointed by the HQ SACT COS and provided by the HQ SACT Legal Branch, the Legal Advisor to the Mess Committee shall:

(1)       Conduct duties as the HQ SACT Officers' Staff Mess in accordance with your appointment letter and the Mess Bylaws.

(2)       Provide legal advice to the Mess President and Mess Committee on all legal matters affecting the Mess, particularly in relation to employee regulations, potential adverse personnel actions, and contracting issues.

(3)       Maintain responsibility for all matters concerning U.S. Customs.

(4)       Assist the Mess Committee in the annual review of the Mess Bylaws.

(5)       In carrying out these duties, maintain close relationships with the Mess President, Treasurer, and Red Barn Representative.

b.         Financial Advisor to the Mess Committee.  In support of the ACT Financial Controller's responsibility to provide financial oversight on all Mess activities as required in NFRs Articles XVIII and XXII, the Financial Advisor to the Mess Committee, appointed by the HQ SACT COS, shall:

(1)       Establish detailed rules and procedures to ensure effective financial administration and to limit, where possible, any risks to non-appropriated or NATO funds.

(2)       Provide financial advice to the Mess President and Mess Committee on all financial matters that may affect the Mess.

(3)       Ensure all accounts and activities are audited and l or reviewed on a regular basis and are controlled by periodic inspection.

(4)       Provide an annual financial report on non-appropriated (MWA) funds to the NATO Budget Committee.

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