HQ SACT Officers' Mess Dress Code

Military Dress


The Uniform of the Day or parent command authorized working uniform shall be worn in the Mess, unless the Mess President dictates otherwise.


Male Civilian Dress


Civilian dress standards mirror military standards – a long or short-sleeved collared shirt and slacks/long trousers. Jackets, sweaters and ties are optional.


Female Civilian Dress


The female civilian dress standard is the equivalent to the male standard.




Dress for events is prescribed by the event sponsor.


Unacceptable Dress


Dress should be within the bounds of good taste and inoffensive to others. Items such as denim trousers, tank tops, t-shirts, shorts, cut-off clothing and apparel intended for athletic activities are not acceptable forms of dress. Dress regulations are promulgated inside the Mess Lounge and members are requested to ensure their guests comply with the dress code. The Mess President, the Lounge Manager or other members of the Mess Committee may invite inappropriately dressed members or visitors to leave the Mess Lounge.

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