Termination of Membership


If you wish to terminate your membership of the HQ SACT Officers' Mess at your own request, you have to follow the procedure that is described next. The principles of termination at your own request are:

  1. That you do not longer have the ambition to be a member of the mess, or will no longer be eligible for membership (as, for instance, when you leave the HQ SACT organization at the end of a tour); and
  2. That you have paid all your mess bills, leaving no balance due.
The termination request cannot be backdated, it is important that you submit your request for termination at least two weeks in advance, so that we have time to close the account. 


Step 1.  After reading the information on this page, check your balance due on your Profile page. If you have outstanding invoices, please make your final payment.

Step 2.  Send an email with title "Membership Termination <your last name>" to membership@officersmess.us, copy to mess@officersmess.us and our administrator carolyn.honeycutt@act.nato.int. This email needs to contain the date at which you wish to end your membership. This message needs to be received at least two full working weeks before your departure date.

Step 3.  In the extraordinary case that you have not paid your final mess bill when you submit your termination request (step 3), you will need to send an extra email to membership@officersmess.us, copy to mess@officersmess.us and our administrator  carolyn.honeycutt@act.nato.int, as soon as your payment is completed. Only then can we close your account. 

Step 4.  When your account is properly closed with no balance due, you will receive a final statement per email, a print of which you can attach to your sign-out sheet, indicating your fulfillment of mess administration. 

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